Holidays in the mountains with children: Awe-inspiring views

The mountains. The sky. And you!

The certified hiking village Millstatt with its two national parks Nockberge and Hohe-Tauern is a hiker’s paradise for hikes around lake Millstatt. One chooses between pleasant enjoyment and / or family attractive mountain and hut tours in up to 2,100 meters above sea level. Wonderful views of the lake are just one of the amazing things you will come across as well as the unique backdrop with countless scenic peculiarities. Many hikes, like the impressive canyon path, start and end directly in front of the hotel. For other hikes a short journey with the lake- and mountain taxi of the region will get you to your starting point.

Familie genießt die Aussicht am Granattor

Lake Millstatt – the heart of the national parks Nockberge and Hohe Tauern

Lake Millstatt is nestled between two national parks: the national park Nockberge (highest mountain Rosennock 2540m)  and the national park Hohe Tauern (highest mountain Grossglockner 3797m). 

Many walks start directly from the hotel, with others worth a short journey by car or our local lake & mountain taxi. Lake Millstatt is at an altitude of 600m, the Millstätter alm at a height of 2000m.



Wandern mit Ausblick auf den Millstätter See

Mountain experiences for all seasons:

  • In spring (April to mid-May): on lake Millstatt’s high plateau, between 800 and 1300m 
  • In summer & autumn (mid-May to late October)):Millstätter alm, Nockberge, Goldeck
  • In summer (July, August): Hohe Tauern with the 3000 ‘s

Mountain experiences - Special moments

  • Sentiero del amore | A special hiking trail on the Millstätter alm
  • Search for the imposing garnet door & garnets| Magnificent views, the path adorned with semi-precious stones
  • Cozy huts & hearty hikes on the Millstätter alm | Many cozy huts tempt you to take a rest.
  • Enjoy the early in the morning sunrise in the mountains.
Mountainbiken am Millstätter See
  • Mountain railways & panorama roads | Comfortably to the mountain peak with the cable cart at the Goldeck or on the panorama roads to the many huts
  • Pilgrimage routes | an inspiring trail on the high plateau between lake and mountain
  • Longest single trail | for mountain bikers, the longest single trail of Carinthia leads from the mountain to the lake

The mountain for families

Kinder auf der Alm füttern eine Ziege
Interesting family hikes, great panoramas, cozy huts, ...

Alpine dairy: milk, cheese, curd directly from the alpine pasture, an insight into the natural production of our regional products

E-Bike: With its three levels (lake- high plateau- mountain), the region of lake Millstatt is ideal for e-bikers. Many paths lead past cozy retreats and special places

Wanderung zum Granattor mit Aussicht auf den Millstätter See
Hiking trails right from the hotel, rustic huts, endless panoramas

My first mountain peak: the first summit climb, with Inna. An interesting hike, ideal for children. Hike time approx. 40min

Ausflug auf die Postalm

Our Post alm:  Cooking “Kaiserschmarrn” by the fire, games in the forest, hearty mountain snacks in our quaint hotel-alpine hut

The Nock Mountains: Origin & Habitat

Looking at the origins of the alps, which are part of the Nock mountains, one cannot ignore Greek mythology. Where the gentle peaks of the Nock mountains rise today, and the ancient sea of Tethys once lay. The name was taken from the goddess of the sea and wife of the mighty Okeanos. This sea had to give way to the Alps, which were created by truly titanic forces.

Between 60 and 30 million years ago, the African continental shelf moved massively to the north - about as fast as a fingernail grows. It reached the Scandinavian shelf. The material squeezed between the massive plates had only one way to go, to the top. In the course of this process, Tethys shrank to the size of today's Mediterranean Sea and the Nock Mountains rose to a height of just over 2,400 m.

Habitat of a unique animal and plant life.

Protected by the Biosphere Reserve in Carinthia, innumerable species have been extinct elsewhere or are on the "red list" of endangered species. Rare alpine inhabitants such as the bird, Mornellregenpfeifer, the snow hen and the snow hare can be observed here. Since the Nock mountains were not glaciated during the last ice age, many endemic animals and plants can only be found here. Visible for non-botanists are the wide pine forests, the particularly flower-rich mountain meadows and the lushly blossoming alpine roses. Many plants have medicinal powers and one even serves beauty. Speik, which is used in natural cosmetics, is only harvested in the Nock mountains.

Places with magic and power on holiday with children in the mountains

Dreamy forests and lush meadows lead to extraordinary tour destinations such as the star-balcony, a wonderful viewpoint lake Millstatt high-rise and lures you to experience all aspects of a hiking holiday in Carinthia. The garnet-door is the final destination on the "Road to love", where seven powerful places charm you and elevate your hiking experience along lake Millstatt. Ruby-red garnets accompany large and small hikers along many alpine pastures are home to trusting animal inhabitants who make children's eyes shine.

Ausflug auf die Postalm
Ausflug auf die Postalm - gemeinsames Kochen

With friends for company whilst hiking in the surroundings of lake Millstatt

Discover the mountains at the family hotel? Your hosts are delighted to accompany you up the winding paths into the imposing natural landscape. For example, to the hotel's Post alm (spring holidays). Ideal as a family destination, you will find pure nostalgia. Leased by us for the past 33 years, there is neither electricity nor water. In a 14-day cycle we bake pancakes, “Kaiserschmarrn” in the hut and serve a traditional Carinthian snack. All this to guarantee an eventful Carinthian holiday. A lot of folklore and stimulating conversations and the time flies by.

Learn more about your holiday with bike

Mountainbiken mit Aussicht auf den Millstätter See

Great times for bikers

And the mountains can also be explored on two wheels. Pedal knights even celebrate one or two summit victories on their ride over the gentle crests in the "Nockbike area" during a cycling and hiking holiday in Carinthia. Tough climbs, challenging freeride tours with trails on natural paths lead up to 2,000 metres above sea level. Due to the mild temperatures in the south of Carinthia, cycling fans enjoy their favourite hobby until late into autumn (II.3.3. Herbst).

A winter-wonder-land experience

In the frosty season, the skiing areas Goldeck-lake Millstatt and Bad Kleinkirchheim tempt you to dive into snowy winter worlds. Clear, personal and with outstanding family competence, the sunny slopes offer perfect skiing pleasure for hobby skiers and our tiny skiers alike. Those who love variety will be delighted by the many other ski areas surrounding lake Millstatt. The gentle slopes of the Nock mountains also entice tobogganers, touring goers, snow-shoe-hikers and winter hikers with many possibilities for the genuine enjoyment of nature.

Pistenspaß für die ganze Familie
Kinder auf der Piste
Kinder beim Skifahren in Millstatt
Skiurlaub in Kärnten, Region Millstatt
Kinder haben Spaß auf der Piste
Skifahren in der Region Millstatt
Rodelspaß in der Millstätter Region
Winterlicher Spaß in einem Schneeloch
Tiefschneerodeln im Familienhotel Post
Mit dem Traktor die Rodelstrecke hinauf
Winterliche Wanderung im Tiefschnee
Rodeln mit Kind