Fascinating Carinthian Lake District

Sights around Millstatt

Lake Millstatt offers fascinating nature experiences and plenty of space for sporting activities. Immerse yourself deeper and discover cultural highlights and exciting sights with your loved ones. A journey through time, lasting impressions of Roman cultures and real power stations for small and large Carinthian fans. Your holiday-your choice!

Benedictine monastery Millstatt

Stift Millstatt

Located in the Benedictine monastery in Millstatt, the Stift museum shows numerous mosaics from the time when monks inhabited the ancient walls and made Millstatt the spiritual and cultural center of upper-Carinthia. In addition, its own premises are strewn with mineral deposits and mining in upper Carinthia. There is also a Romanesque cloister dating from the 12th century.

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Millstätter Music Weeks & Guitar Festival

2 Carinthians - 1 singing club. Carinthia is known for its musicality. This is particularly pronounced in Millstatt. From May to October, the Millstätter Music Weeks invite you to atmospheric concerts with regional and international music greats in the collegiate church. A special highlight is the international guitar festival, which brings world stars to concerts in a family atmosphere in Millstatt.

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Comedy play Porcia

The comedy plays in Spittal an der Drau, 15 km away, ensure a good atmosphere and cheerful evenings in Porcia Castle. The schedule is put together by a dedicated team with a lot of heart and soul.

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Castle Sommeregg

On an impressive 15,000 m² at the foot of the Sommeregg castle, the Bonsai museum unfolds, with thousands of "trees in pots". Visitors to the castle are also immersed in the gloomy times of the Middle Ages. The largest torture museum in Europe documents the development of legal history from antiquity to the early modern period with exhibits on the witches' incendiary, nail-seat and thumb screws.

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Museum of Popular Culture

The multi-award-winning museum is located in Porcia, one of the most beautiful and important Renaissance buildings outside Italy. There you have the possibility to get to know and understand the everyday life and handicraft culture of the "Carinthians of the time". 47 thematic chambers offer interactively designed infotainment including cinemas and many multimedia stations under the motto "Participation allowed".

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The garnet as "firestone of love" plays the leading role in "Granatium". Through the exhibition with information on the history and mystery of the ruby-red rock and a 300-meter-long mining gallery, you will find yourself in the open air. Here, large and small cavaliers mine for their own personal garnet from the rock. Hand-crafted by an expert, you can look forward to a very special souvenir.

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Sagamundo - House of the narrative

Over 30 Carinthian fables and legends, regional stories and myths are told here. From Klagenfurt's Lind-worm to lake Millstatt’s Mermaid, interactive surprise stations with films and listening stations can be found on the mountain and lake level. In the science department, with the help of a puzzle map, 3-D glasses and Sagamundo-ABC, one learns a lot about lake Millstatt’s habitat.

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Gmünd- the city of artists

A whole city that loves art! The small, medieval Gmünd offers contemporary art in medieval times. The whole city lives with art! The small, medieval Gmünd offers contemporary art in medieval streets and squares, as well as a high-quality culture. Exhibitions, international cuisine, artisan markets, cabaret and much more provide for a varied program.

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