Carinthian-holiday by the lake: Magical. Refreshing. Pure.

Weightless holidays

A light breeze brings thoughts of freedom. The view of the water brings a yearning desire to let go of all thoughts and relax. With every new thought body and mind are in harmony once again. More holidays. More joy of life. Pure happiness on your holiday in Carinthia on the lake.

Lake Millstatt - The jewel in Carinthia

Lake Millstatt is 13 km long, an average of 1 km wide and with 142 m the deepest lake in Carinthia. Due to its wind-sheltered and sunny location, the water temperature reaches up to 26 ° in July and August. Thanks to the excellent natural heat storage of the lake, swimming is possible until mid-October. The water of lake Millstatt has drinking water quality.



Radrundfahrt Millstätter See

Its undeveloped southern shore has been protected since 2015 under Natura 2000. Due to the very good quality of the water, the untouched nature and the sustainable fishing, the lake Millstatt is the most fished lake in Austria.

Lake Millstatt cruises run regularly between the different locations on the lake. The cycle path around Lake Millstatt is around 28km long and can easily be completed by bike or e-bike.

Lake contiguity-Special moments

Den Millstätter See spüren
  • Bays for tourists| excursions with rowing boats to the natural south bank
  • Picnic on the water | rowing boats take you to the most attractive places, your picnic basket provides food and drink
  • Swimming in the morning | Enjoy an early morning swim in the lake
  • Lake Millstatt Shipping | Our ships offer incredible sea crossings with amazing panoramic views
Abendessen direkt am Millstätter See
  • Lake Millstatt cycle path |The most popular cycling path in Carinthia, 28 km around the lake
  • The unique water jumping and sliding tower | in Europe is the meeting place for youth
  • 1st Carinthian bathhouse | wellness right on the shore of lake Millstatt
  • The promenade | Cozy lake-side cafes, sunny village squares and historic villas. A warm evening stroll, a perfect way to end an eventful day

The lake is for families

Wasserspaß am Millstätter See

Waterski, Wakeboard & Ringo: exciting water fun for our small and large guests. In the summer months, this weekly program is a much, loved highlight.

Sailing & Surfing: lake Millstatt is ideal for beginners, the Surf- and sailing school offers courses for children and adults.

Water games & Slackline: Our exclusive bathing beach by the lake offers many possibilities for your little water-nymphs. Whether water fight, slackline over the water, water Olympics or snorkeling, ....

Snorkeling & diving: Experience the underwater world. Snorkel and diving glasses are available at the hotel, the diving school in Millstatt offers courses and equipment for diving



The lake: legends & myths

St. Domitian and the birth of Millstatt

On the Hoch-Gosch, directly opposite lake Millstatt, are the remains of a castle. Here a pagan duke was said to have lived. He was supposed to have immigrated from the east in the eighth century and had been Slavic. This heathen converted to Christianity in a very strange way. At that time, the lake stretched from Millstatt to Radenthein and its water level reached the Calvarien-hill. Domitian, was his name. He had a son. One day he wanted go out on the lake. But as a strong wind blew, his parents advised him not to. But he was disobedient and ventured out anyway. A short time later he had prepared for the journey and boarded a ship. Devastation caught up with him. Days passed, the son did not return. One day a message came that a lone ship was floating around the lake. The dismayed father, who was very fond of his son, vowed, if he found his son’s corpse, he would build a church on that very spot. Then he conducted the lake to the river Lieser.

When the water level had fallen, the drowned son was found on the far side where Millstatt now lies. The heathen father kept his pledge and became a Christian. Around the lake stood many idols of statues. He had them all thrown into the lake, the place where he had the church built was called Mille Statuae, which means “a thousand statues”.

The name Millstatt developed over time. A feast was held at the beginning of February to honor Domitian. One priest who did not perform this feast brought devastation on Millstatt, the church sank one meter deep into the earth. Only the altar remained in its place. If you want to get to the church today, you step down a few steps, but the altar is a bit higher. This Duke is still revered as a saint, and his bones are found in a church specially built for this purpose. It is told he was the Duke of Carinthia, but the tales do not mention him.

Family holidays at the lake


If you would like to get to know the surrounding area from the water, use the fleet of the lake Millstatt cruises for explorations. Two motor-driven ships bring you safely and reliably to attractive destinations. For those who prefer to go it alone, one of the many rowing boats (available in our sister hotel Postillion) can be used, in a relaxed atmosphere to get up close and personal with the lake. Making the most of your Carinthian holiday on the lake.



For those who would like to experience an extraordinary sport, participate in our guided sea crossing (summer holidays only). For more than 30 years every Saturday morning, the starting shot can be heard. And off they go, the fast swimmers. Supported by our escort boats and many fans you can accomplish personal best times and be the first to reach the sunny side of the lake.



Seeüberquerung am Millstätter See
Swimming lake crossing, bight hiking, Millstätter shipping, ...
Fischen am Millstätter See
Reinanken Netzfischerei am Millstätter See
Fischen am Millstätter See
Wasserschlacht am Millstätter See
Wasserspaß am Millstätter See
Wasserspaß am Millstätter See
Seeüberquerung am Millstätter See
Seeüberquerung am Millstätter See