Your family holiday with child care

Games, fun and well-being for your little darlings

Creative ideas. A warm smile. A child at heart. In addition to a professional training, the child-care providers in our hotel display a great love of their profession. Burgi has been running our small guests program for more than 30 years and thus has the most experience of all the caretakers of the children’s hotel association. Together with her team she develops creative programs for babies, children, teenagers and youths - for up to 80 hours a week. In your family hotel with child care

Zwergerlkurs im Familienhotel Post
Rodeln im Familienhotel Post
Kleinkinderbetreuung im Schnee
Winter im Familienhotel Post
Rodelunterstützung im Familienhotel Post
Warten bevor der Spaß losgeht!
Kinderbetreuung im Familienhotel Post
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Kinderbetreuung im Familienhotel Post
Junge mit einem Spielzeugboot im Garten
Kinderbetreuung im Familienhotel Post
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Winter fun for snow dwarfs in the hotel with child care

Our tip: First steps in the snow promise special experiences for fast skiers and proud parents alike. Take advantage of our wide range of offers in our family hotel-- childcare for the future skiers: At the "magic mountain" with our own snow cannon directly by the hotel, our nannies assist with the first playful steps taken on the "skies", which means the world to the proud tots. Larger children are accompanied by our team from the children's hotel and taken to and from the Goldeck the skiing area for their ski course, by the hotel’s own shuttle service.

Overview of our day care times

Loving baby care (0 to 3 years)

Winter December to Easter59 hours a week
(Sunday to Saturday)
Summer (remaining time)from Easter to November 48hours a week
(Monday to Saturday)
Toddler week special27 May to 3 June 2017

71 hours a week
(Monday to Saturday)

Varied children's care from 3 years

Spring, Summer & Autumnfrom Easter to the end of October 76 hours a week
(Monday to Saturday)
WinterDecember to Easter 80 hours a week
(Sunday to Friday, Saturday Kids-cooking and toprope-climbing)

Action-orientated program for teenagers (8-12 years) and youths (13 years and over)

Easter holidays, Whitsun & Summer EasterMay / June, July, until mid September40 hours a week
(Monday to Friday)
Autumn holidays October 20 hours a week
(Monday to Friday)
Winter Christmas holidays & February 40 hours a week
(Monday to Friday)

Adults and sports program

Spring & Autumn from Easter to June and from mid September18 hours a week
(Monday to Friday)
Summer & WinterJune, July, August, until mid September25 hours a week
(Monday to Saturday)

Long weekends-Even longer day-care times

Extended weekend, Austrian National holiday 28 October to 4 October
Autumn holidays Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg 29 October to 6 November
Extended weekend Ascension of Christ 25 to 28 May
Extended weekend 1 May 28 April to 1 May