Tiny tots skiing courses on our hotel premises

1. steps to wintersport, easy and with a smile

First steps skiing on our magic hill on the hotel premises is the right choice for the smallest ones. A cozy, sunny place and Inna knows how to make the first steps easy and with a big smile.

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Tiny tots skiing courses on our hotel premises

  • Price: 3 days à 1 hour only EUR 39,00; 5 days à 1 hour only EUR 49,00
  • Skirental: For the tiny tots skiing course we offer a ski rental at the hotel (ski, boots, helmet) price: unique EUR:9.-
  • From December until middle of March, depending on the weather
  • Our snowmaking machine helps out with snow and longer skiing period 

Interesting & personal: Interview with Inna about her tiny tots skiing course

Inna, you "transform" the sledge hill in the hotel garden into a piste for the ski bunnies for a few hours every day!

Yes, here the little piste bunnies can try out how to handle skis and ski boots.

What do the children need for these first hours in the snow?

None in particular, walk, jump and run.... It's for anyone who likes snow and isn't afraid of other children or me...

Why do you like it so much?

I like it because I really like children. It's fun being with children and being able to watch how they get more and more confident every day, how they can do more and more and have more and more fun with little "descents". I am also happy that I can be a part of this success.

How can one imagine a lesson with you on the slopes?

Like a game with different exercises. We get to know each other and do small exercises in the form of games. So that the children first get a feel for how to move in ski boots and find their own balance in the snow

What is the aim of this "course"?

The aim is, of course, for the children to be able to do a little run themselves, but above all for them to have fun and enjoy skiing. Especially when the children are so young, it is very important to awaken their desire and interest. Between the ages of 3 and 5, the difference between children can be very big. That's why I think it's important to look at each child individually. And when the children feel really comfortable - off they go!

What do you need for this?

We have ski equipment at the hotel and I provide the children with the right boots, helmets and skis. They also like to use some of the toys.

How many children are ideal per session?

It's interesting that the children don't necessarily want to learn on their own, they find it easier and more fun with other children. It's difficult to say what would be ideal because all children are different. Sometimes it's better if there are only 2 or 3 and sometimes 5 is perfect. Some children absolutely need their parents with them and others learn better when they are without parents. But if there are really more than 6 children, then we divide them into two groups so that there is enough attention and time for each child.

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Zwergerlkurs im Familienhotel Post
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