Pirate ship

sighted on Lake Millstätter See

The pirates have discovered the Family Hotel Post on Lake Millstätter See and regularly set sail into the lake with their children's pirate crew. In search of the buried gold treasure on the deserted southern shore.

From now on, the Family Hotel Post on Lake Millstätter See offers its little guests a very special highlight. A pirate ship ride on the lake. The pirate ship, which is over 8m long, offers space for a pirate crew of 12. Each member of the crew has his or her own task. Set the sails, hoist the pirate flag, hold the cannons in position, read the treasure map or navigate safely through the waters as captain,....on the search for the buried treasure in the pirate bay on the southern shore of Lake Millstätter See. The pirate boat trip is sure to be the highlight of our popular pirate day.

To ensure that it is not only adventurous but also safe, our pirate ship is a 30m² large, stable double catamaran and is powered by an electric motor. The pirate equipment includes not only self-made swords, pirate hats and telescopes, but also a life jacket. Of course, parents are also welcome on the pirate ship, but beware, like every pirate ship, this one has a special place for prisoners and a plank attached to the railing!