Spring vacation

Active holidays at the lake & mountains with the advantage of our warm climate

Whether you are actively-sporty or enjoy the feel-good coziness or simply want a cheerful and happy holiday, we have it all. Something for everyone! Let yourself be enchanted by the unique scenery, the lake, the mountains and the southern flair. Enjoy the excitement of a happy spring holiday with us.

The hit: The heated rock fountain is open from the middle of April; The hotel’s own youth supervision in available during the Whitsun holidays

Our spring asset

Wandern mit Ausblick auf den Millstätter See
  • On the sunny side of the Alps spring starts earlier, the Mediterranean-influenced climate favors the wind-protected area of the Millstätter Alpe.
  • Thanks to our climate, the opening of the golf course, tennis courts and mountain huts, is made possible in May. Customs & traditions
  • The customs and traditions are upheld in our hotels. Whether Easter is celebrated with a palm-bush or an Easter bonfire or even searching for Easter eggs- whether Mother's day becomes a very special feast, or erecting the maypole with song and dance, garland binding and much more .... get to know our old Carinthian customs and be amidst the fun.
  • Enjoy the long evenings in May and June and watch the sunset from the jetty of our lake side Hotel Postillion.
  • Together with your hosts or on your own, admire the many colorful flower gardens and the flowering alpine pastures. The lodges are open from the beginning of May.
  • Take your first jump into the lake (after visiting the lake sauna).
  • Free tennis courts from May 1st to June 30th

Children's spring highlights

Kinderbetreuung im Familienhotel Post
  • Adventure flower meadows
  • May festival games with dance and music
  • Survival training in the forest
  • Guided fishing trips
  • Family trip to the Post lodge
  • Bind floral garlands
  • We make birdsong pipes
  • My first catch: from beginner to fisherman
  • Climbing in the climbing hall
  • Amulets made from forest materials
  • Spring-triathlon
  • Archery in the garden
  • Treasure hunt in the forest
  • Boat carving at the Klieber-pond
  • Rally to the Zwergsee
  • Natural cosmetics, made with herbs from the hotel garden

Lake & mountain in spring

Den Millstätter See spüren

At the lake

  • Lake-side sauna | Splash around the lake or just enjoy the sun on the deck by the lake
  • Enjoy swimming in the lake (swimsuit rental in hotel). Temperature of the lake at the end of May can reach 20 °
  • Lake Millstatt cruises start on May 1st
  • Row across the lake and discover the untouched southern shore (Natura 2000 protected area)
  • Cycle around the lake
  • Sunny, romantic walks along the shore
spring | lake & mountain
sunny Southern side of the Austrian Alps offer a lot of benefits

On the mountain

  • Sunny, child-friendly hiking trails on the alps of lake Millstatt
  • Lodges open early May
  • easy trials on the high plateau for short, sunny walks at a medium altitude (1000m)
  • M-Bike and e-bike tours on the sunny plateau
  • Golf course opens in March

Spring is particularly suitable for numerous types of sports

  • Golf | Thanks to its sunny location, the course opens in March
  • Walking | Sunny drenched trails and slow trails at medium altitude
  • Running | Along the sunny lakeshore
  • Tennis Available from the end of March | Free from 1.5 to 30.6.
  • Horseback riding on the plateau
Mountainbiken mit Aussicht auf den Millstätter See
  • Mountain-biking | On the high-plateau and around lake Millstatt
  • Cycling tours around the lake
  • Fishing trips | With rowing boats, to our hotel’s own fishing waters.
  • Glacier skiing | Mölltaler Glacier 45 min. away

The sporting highlight is our hotel Post’s spring triathlon, consisting of mountain biking, cross-country run and archery, but designed to allow as many of our guests as possible to join in, as can be confirmed by the numerous participants over the years.

Our unique Easter holiday recipe

Familie genießt die Aussicht am Granattor
  • Natures diversity, the warmth of the sun and at the hotel and lake, with snow on the surrounding mountains.
  • Mixed with a lot of local customs and tradition 
  • Add new impressions, experiences and activities for young and old with our special Easter program
  • Enjoy the lake after our lake-side sauna
  • Cycling around the lake or cross country with the mountain bike on guided tours
  • Horseback riding, a spring excursion to the mountain plateau
  • Make a great catch in the hotel's own fishing waters or on guided fishing trips
  • Nordic walking trails through flowering spring meadows
  • Scale the rock face, or the climbing wall in one of the most beautiful climbing halls in Austria
  • Launch the 1st ball on the sunny golf course Millstätter See

Easter time in Carinthia is marked by interesting rituals and traditions. Take advantage of your holiday time here with us and become familiar with the many interesting customs and tradition of our country..

Customs & traditions

  • Fasting-cloth: a specific the fasting-cloth kept in the church in Millstatt – with the tribulations of Jesus and was hanged as a Bible for the poor near the altar area and it concealed the cross.
  • Reindling baking: the godparents give their godchildren a traditional homemade cake called “Reindling” (made with yeast dough), in the middle there place a hardboiled egg, or sometimes a coin.
  • Easter supper: on Easter Saturday, the fasting season has come to an end, and the local families eat their consecrated meats (various hams, sausages), boiled eggs, grated horseradish - usually served with sweet white bread. Look forward to an extraordinary evening.
  • Easter bonfire night, the night before Easter Sunday, egg hunt & egg-bashing- be curious and be surprised, there is something for everyone!

Easter experience program

  • Easter Egg hunt - Who finds the golden egg and wins a holiday
  • A visit from the Easter bunny and petting zoo
  • Easter triathlon: running, cycling and archery
  • Large family Easter celebration
Beispielwochenprogramm Frühling / Ostern

Beispielwochenprogramm Frühling / Ostern

Beispielwochenprogramm Pfingsten

Beispielwochenprogramm Pfingsten

Ostern im Familienhotel Post in Kärnten am Millstätter See
Maifest im Familienhotel Post in Kärnten am Millstätter See
Spiel & Spaß im Familienhotel Post
Ostern im Familienhotel Post in Kärnten am Millstätter See
Eierspiele zu Ostern im Familienhotel Post
Ostern im Familienhotel Post in Kärnten am Millstätter See
Maifest im Familienhotel Post in Kärnten am Millstätter See
Spiele zu Ostern
Maifest im Familienhotel Post am Millstätter See
Maifest im Familienhotel Post in Kärnten am Millstätter See
Maifest im Familienhotel Post in Kärnten am Millstätter See
Maifest im Familienhotel Post am Millstätter See